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    Padrão Prince William reveals which football team he DOESN’T want George to suopprt

    Prince William reveals which football team he DOESN’T want George to suopprt

    PRINCE William has sensationally revealed which football team he wants his son to avoid supporting as he grows up.

    The Duke of Cambridge paid a visit the Acorns Children’s Hospice, in Birmingham, today to celebrate the charity’s 30th anniversary.

    Speaking to the Birmingham Mail, local Clare Robinson, whose daughter Esther has been a long-term visitor at the hospice, revealed what Wills told her about George’s football future.

    She said: “We had some banter about football because I’m a Liverpool fan and my family are Villa.

    “He said as long as Prince George doesn’t end up supporting supporting Chelsea he’ll be happy.”

    She also praised the way the Wills spoke with hospice users: “He was just genuine and lovely.

    “He spent a lot of time with us, asking about Esther and her condition and how much we rely on Acorns as parents.

    “He’s such a lovely man. You can tell he just really cares.”

    Bradley Addison, an ambassador for the hospice who guided Wills around for the day, joined her, saying he would “never forget” the experience.

    He said: “I’m bursting with pride, it was such a massive honour and he was just so down to earth.

    “He asked about the facilities and how I’m getting on. It’s just been a great day I’ll never ever forget.”

    Following the tour, Wills unveiled a plaque to mark 30 years since his mum Princess Diana officially opened the centre.

    He will then visit the University of Birmingham, where he will attend the first National SkillForce Prince William Award Graduation Ceremony.

    The ceremony will mark the successful first year of the Prince William Award, which is a scheme that aims to help young people build their character, resilience and confidence.

    Daily Star Sunday
    Sempre perdoe aos seus inimigos, mas nunca se esqueça o nome deles

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